Certifications & Safety

life saverElectrico is constantly improving our safety program to reflect the needs of the client and industry. We are training our employees to make safety a habit. Accountability at every level of the company reflects Electrico's commitment to safety. Electrico's team effort of promoting the identification and elimination of hazards and/or unsafe acts has rewarded Electrico with a safety record that surpasses local industry and national standards.

At present Electrico, Inc. has within the company three OSHA certified trainers; Vice President/Project Manager/Electrical Engineer- Richard Homberg, Safety and Quality Control Officer- Mike Kerschner, and Electrico Safety Manager- Laura Irwin to provide instruction for both 10 and 30 hour OSHA Construction Health and Safety.

Laura Irwin, CHST comes to Electrico with a diverse background including; BS from Towson University, five years experience as a general contractor safety manager with jobs ranging from 20 million to 500 million, MOSH Compliance Officer, industrial hygienist, project manager for an environmental lab and environmental site assessment inspections.

Below is a recent list of all employee trainings and certifications:


  • Hubbell Premise Wiring
  • Installer (Suttle)
  • Technician (BICSI)

HV Cable Preparation (Raychem)

  • HVS & HVT thru 35kv 1/C (Incl. PILC)
  • 15kV-Wye Splices
  • HVT/HVS 5-8kV, 15kV

Electronics High Voltage Cable Preparation (Tyco)

  • 5-35kV Heat-shrink Termination
  • 5-15kV Heat-shrink Splice
  • 5-35kV Cold-applied Termination

Medium Voltage Cable

  • Heatshrink Terminating & Splicing
  • Medium Voltage Cable Preparation (Tyco)
  • 5-35kV Cold Applied Termination
  • 5-35kV heat-Shrink Splice (HVS)

Confined Space Training (Brock Tool)

Aerial Work Platform Safety

Clean Room Protocol

First Aid Training

  • National Health & Safety Foundation

Equipment Certification (Cranes, forklift, etc.)

  • Certified Crane Operator
  • Certificate of Brake Qualification
  • Certificate Forklift Training (Carson Crane, Inc.)
  • Certificate Forklift Training (Electrico, Inc.)

Power Tool Certifications

  • Ramset Powder Actuated Tool Systems

Lockout Training

Miscellaneous OSHA Training

  • Belden CDT, Inc. Certified System Vendor (CSV)